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The Rock

I wanted your gold Knew this from the start so I hatched out a plan to enter your guard

It wasn’t too hard You did have a heart but the spell that I cast was falling apart

It happened to me but left you alone The love that I spread had entered my bones

I fell on my ax I fell in my trap I fell in my web and it was a wrap

I needed your love You ushered me in My lust for revenge My guiltiest sin

I sat at your table You smiled in my face The choir was singing I fell for this place

Forgot all the hatred Forget all the pain Forgot all the anger The lovely disdain

I reached for a glass You called for the guard I jumped from the table My jaw was ajar

I denied the gallows Laid my head on the block The ax had come down My head lay on a rock

Vengeance is deadly for you or another but if you seek vengeance remember his brother...

...The rock

I would love to hear your interpretations!

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