Death is scary. Whether it's someone I know personally or not, it affects me a lot. It makes me think. It makes me appreciate being here for 23 years. Some people don't even get a day. Some people don't get the chance to pursue their dreams. Some people don't get the opportunity to fail, and pick up the pieces. Some people don't get to see just how much they impacted people.

Rest in Peace to Nipsey Hussle. There is yet another wife who no longer has a husband to come home to. A daughter who can no longer hug the very man she had to watch get shot. It's a disgusting world that we live in when people feel so inclined to take out those making a positive impact in their communities. The people we should look up to and celebrate are often the most overlooked, or hated.

I want to send love to everyone who is affected by this loss. To my best friend Nic from Covina, California who would legit rave about all Nip was doing in the area and how inspired he was as a musician and man. To Sule, who called me yesterday to talk it over. I see a lot of him in you, and I know you're going to do right by him by giving back to your community. I pray that God keeps you as you pursue the path he's laid out for you.

To all musicians, in and out of California. To California residents who he impacted whether financially or just would talk to. I can go on and on, but I have so many people in my thoughts. I've seen so many personal anecdotes on social media that have been heart-warming yet simultaneously upsetting because you truly never know how much you can mean to someone. Nipsey was a role model for many, and should be a role model to ALL.

Be present in your present. Appreciate each day. Love and take care of yourself. Tomorrow isn't promised. I have no authority to decide who deserves to live or die, but Nip deserved to be here. I'm glad he was getting his flowers prior to this. The Grammy nomination and all of his business ventures were incredible. There was only more success to come, he was literally running a victory lap. Now, we can celebrate his legacy and continue to build our own. One more time, rest in peace and we love you.

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