Girls need love, too. And...*invisible ink*

Yesterday, Summer Walker released a remix to her cult hit "Girls Need Love" featuring the boy, Drake. Naturally, the OVO hive got in formation to celebrate what was his first feature of 2019. Something else happened though, and it's due to one line in particular.

"You just need some, d*ck with no complications."

Women all over were tweeting the bar, echoing the sentiment and very subtly hinting at the idea that the pleasure men provided often comes with their own brand of stress. It's social media in 2019, so the generalizations are always going to fly and finding common ground between men and women is very rare. So here's me, clocking in, to attempt it.

Fellas. As much as women say they'd prefer us to be up front about just wanting sex, a lot of them don't want to be wanted JUST for sex. For those who do, kudos, but there's a demographic of women who say so to not scare us off. They think our mind can be changed. Read the signs, recognize when they seem to want to do more besides casual sex, and act accordingly. A lot of drama can be avoided by clarity and communication.

It's not just on them though. A lot of us go into situations saying we won't catch feelings, then proceed to put our baseball mitts on and catch every single feeling possible. Know yourself and be transparent. Sure, you can tell her you don't want anything beyond sex but when she pops up with another guy and you're tight, it's of no fault but your own.

Ladies, recognize that sometimes we bring the d*ck and y'all bring the complications. Whether it's an arbitrary 90-day rule (I respect it, but a lot of y'all don't really adhere) or some other weird methodology, y'all be ruining some situations before they can even progress.

And your friends? Whew, things can be perfectly peachy between you and your guy. Y'all can have an understanding, respect each other and go about your business. Sadly, there will always be a little friend watching his every move either in person or on social media, ready to report to you what he's doing.

Tell sis mind her business. Y'all know the vibes, and she's outside the club tryna get in. Yes, sometimes the complications you ladies bring aren't your own fault...but we still blaming you, control your friend.

Summer Walker and Drake were both spitting facts. There's nothing wrong with women being openly sexual, as the experience is for both them and men. Drake did a good job in reminding us that we ought to cater to women, as being pleased is great but seeing someone else pleased by you is elite. All parties involved can adhere to certain behavior to ensure the arrangement goes smoothly. It's not guaranteed, but we ought to do less finger pointing and more loving.

"Pleasure's not meant for one side, you should just do what's best for your mind, how about I just take my time? You call up my line, I fall up inside you, girls needs love too, I know."

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