Behind The Flash

Today, we highlight a young black king by the name of John Onanuga who decided to pave his own way and start up a talk show. In fact, he is dubbed the youngest black male to do so. In a casual interview setting, "Johnny Flash" and guests engage in discourse pertaining to being young professionals and creatives. They can both share their stories and answer some insightful questions.

Behind The Flash has featured the likes of Michael Wade, a well-known personality around New York City who currently is the face of CasBar. Rashan Brown, a local middle school teacher and member of the Uptown Natives who throw some of the best parties in New York City. Rapper Bobby Soxx even freestyled a bit on the platform.

We highlight our Faithful Black Men who are being model boyfriends and husbands, but we should also show some love to those being faithful to their pursuits. Johnny Flash is doing this for the youth, because they need to constantly see examples of success that look just like them. The diversity of media personalities, rappers, educators, and other fields will allow a multitude of opportunities for the youth to take advantage of.

The show is completely self-directed and edited, airing monthly on YouTube. Having a year under his belt, I anticipate Flash to only deliver bigger and better episodes. Tap into the brother's YouTube channel, like, share and subscribe. Clocking out.

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