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“Look at this guy still talking about highschool!”

Yeah yeah, I know. Relax. There’s a purpose.

My highschool baseball team was...aight. Most games were just us trying to make it to the seventh inning and rack up personal statistics to brag to each other about. Our coach didn’t do the best job motivating us...actually most speeches were pretty bad, but one thing he said that always stuck with me was “the beautiful thing about baseball is there’s always another game. It’s a long season.” Thinking about that, it applies to all sports during the regular season….but purpose lmao I promise I’m getting there.

Somewhere down the line, we’d catch a good team on a bad day for them or a bad team on a good day for us. There was always a chance for us to pick up a W so we had to just stick with it. The same way I go through life and love.

I think of a lot of my life in reference to sports or music. This current period of my life feels like the transition into the third quarter of a basketball game. I went through an intense half, took some time to regroup, and now I have a plan of action moving forward to finish the game strong. Finish...I know, I’m the same guy who wrote about 22 year olds thinking their 20s are it and here I am, 23, describing my current point in life as the third quarter and using the word “finish.” Get a load of this guy.

Maybe there’s a better reference out there, but I’ve got a bigger point here. Today, February 27th is a special day. Today I acknowledge what would be the 19th consecutive month with the lady of my life. Things occurred and we took some time off but it feels good to at least be able to recognize the day together in some way. I’m optimistic for our future and path toward newfound prosperity as a couple. Regardless of how long the road is, it’s the only route I’m following on the GPS.

It’s interesting considering what would be our 19th month and the year 2019, what I deemed to be a huge turning point for me since it began. I was being very selfish, to my detriment, and thought solely about how I could advance myself. Reality smacks you in the face like no other, and I soon learned through absence and dejection that I didn’t need to be on my own to achieve what I hoped to. In fact, the person I had in my life did more for me than I could ever truly give her credit for.

The best part about losing sight of things is regaining it, and acting accordingly. You only get so many chances with the gems, and this is hands down my last at bat. I’m always swinging for the fences, but like my coach said, it’s a long season. I look forward to a long-lasting career with this woman. I won’t be requesting trades anytime soon. No cap.  

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